How To Potty Train Your Baby Toddler In 3 Days or Less?

This program should be considered as your baby’s transition from diaper peeing and pooping to doing it in the potty. When your child is potty trained, you save on average $1200 each year. Just think of how much money you could save when your toddler will is fully potty trained.

Also you will learn how to keep control and your cool while your toddler test the limits every which way they can. After this crash training session, there should be a follow up consistently with encouragement to the child so they stick with the routine to make it be instilled in their minds hence accident free life.

The task of potty training a toddler can be harrowing, the tears, fights and accidents are just part of the process. With this e-book you will be able to achieve task effectively helping the baby make a big leap in life.


What exactly the 3 Day Potty Training eBook teaches you:

  • Tips to working with toddlers who have no interest or motivation.
  • Working with children who are stubborn.
  • Addressing your child’s fear of toilet use.
  • Tips to helping the baby actually go into the toilet and poop or pee after they sit on the toilet.
  • Overcoming and preventing constipation.
  • Traveling with the newly potty trained kid.
  • Help in using public restrooms with the young one.
  • Correctly addressing night time accidents.
  • Addressing relapses or regression in the already learned skills.
  • Including your day care provider in the potty training efforts.
  • Helping the child in communicating their need to go before they actually go.
  • Working with an older child.
  • Potty training twins and triplets.
  • Potty training children with autism or those with speech delay.

This is video testimonial from happy parents who actually tried 3 Day Potty Training method.

Another thing you will learn from eBook is how to prepare yourself for the 3 days of potty training process. Therefore you want to have a stress free experience with potty training a boy or girl, there are things you need to prepare to ensure a successful outcome. Relax your mind so as to have a less rigid approach. Getting into this relaxed state of mind you need to consider the following beforehand:

  • Do not have expectations and you will not be disappointed at all.
  • Be aware of the possible problems in these training sessions.
  • Learn your child’s body and how it works.
  • Follow a clear potty training schedule for consistency.
  • Never compare your child with another one. Not even with your other children, every case is unique.

To ensure this method works, the parent who is most involved in the baby’s learning activities should be the one to carry out this 3 day training. Take your time to familiarize with the potty before the start of the program and the training will be enjoyable and stress-free.

Only start this program when you have the time to fully devote to this process so and to encourage the child daily. You should recognize the signals your baby gives when he/she needs to poop or pee therefore avoiding accidents. These include facial expressions, squatting, squirming or holding the genitals.

At this stage consider giving the child food that is high in fibers to help in controlling constipation when they keep fluids in the stool making it soft and easy to pass out. Foods like wheat bread, cereals, sweet potato, yogurts, vegetables including broccoli, spinach, fruits like pears, apples and prunes. Ensure all these are included in the child’s food before during the training and after.

Furthermore in the eBook is outlined so many different approaches. Also there is whole team of experts which you can contact after purchase if you have any problems implementing learned from the eBook.

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